A new use for snow in Minecraft ?

There are plenty of servers on our favourite Minecraft server list but most of them are still not using this new type of block. Powder Snow, which is naturally found in the snowy biomes that Minecraft has to offer, is a freezing trap block that allows entities to sink into it or below it.

Powder Snow is a trap in Minecraft. It naturally forms within Groves or barren Snowy Slopes. Standing on top of the block will cause the player's body to sink into the ground or underneath it depending on how much Powder Snow is below. The player's mobility will be reduced and the Minecraft player will experience freezing damage if they remain within Powder Snow. While most mobs that fall into this trap block experience the same debuff status effects as others, there are some that are immune from sinking or freezing damage such as Polar Bears and Foxes.

You can use powder snow in Minecraft to create mob farms and other creative traps. Hostile or neutral creatures, for example, will unknowingly walk on the trap block and sink into whatever fate awaits them below. One interesting fact about hostile mobs: Skeletons who remain in Powder Snow will soon transform into full-HP Strays.

Players will need either a bucket, or a cauldron to get Powder Snow in Minecraft. The bucket can be made into a Powder Snow Bucket by collecting the block with an iron container. Cauldrons must be placed in Groves or on barren Snowy Slopes. The snowfall that occurs when it rains in Groves and Snowy Slopes causes the cauldrons slowly to fill with snow. When the cauldron has filled up, players can use a bucket to retrieve the snow.

Powder snow can be accessed in a variety of ways. If a player wants to collect Goat Horns from the goats living in these snowy areas, then they must figure out how to safely navigate the terrain and avoid falling into trap blocks. Players will not take freezing damage from Powder Snow if they wear Leather Armor, which is made by farming passive cow mobs in Minecraft. Players can also equip Leather Boots to allow them to walk on the snow blocks without falling.

Remember that Powder Snow is only available in Minecraft via buckets.Keep in mind also that there are plenty of minecraft servers out there that use such blocks to mark chunks for Admins, mods and such. The Powder Snow will not drop if it is mined using any other tool than a shovel or pickaxe. Powder Snow cannot be picked up by items that are enchanted using Silk Touch. The trap block can also break when it comes in contact with water, fire, lava, and/or water.