Best Minecraft potions

Potions can be brewed using Minecraft's brewing stands. They have many effects that players can imbue for a brief time.

It is possible for new Minecraft players to not immediately know which potions will be most useful. If a beginner is still working in a forest, a "Potion of Water Breathing” or "Potion of Fire Resistance” won't be of much help.

It is unlikely that players will want to spend too much on potion ingredients, and end up making a potent potion that doesn't work for them. This article will help beginners to determine which potion is most useful for their Minecraft: Bedrock Edition adventures.

Minecraft: The top 3 potions for new players

3) Night Vision Potion

Potions of Night Vision are created by creating a golden carrot in Minecraft. They increase the player's perception of light, which allows them to see clearly for the duration of their potion.

While it won't affect the actual lighting in the area, players can perceive dark areas as if they are significantly brighter. This potion will make it easier for players to see dark areas while they explore, regardless of whether they are in the open or in a cave.

2) Potion of Swiftness

Potions of Swiftness improve players' sprint speed, jump speed and movement speed by 20%. This potion is great for exploration and quick escape. The potion can help players who don't have faster travel methods such as horses or "Elytra", by increasing their overall movement speed.

The potion can also be used to escape dangerous situations, such as those surrounded by hostile mobs.

1) Potion of healing

Potions of Healing, unlike Potions of Regeneration can instantly heal players for four to eight hearts depending upon the potion rank. It is extremely dangerous to travel through the world of in-game, especially when you are trying to reach dimensions like the Nether or the End. A potion that heals players quickly is invaluable.

A Potion of Healing is a great option if food and slow recovery of health are not enough.