How to Ride a Horse in Minecraft

Thu Dec 29. 2022

How to Ride a Horse in Minecraft

These steps will teach you how to ride and tame a horse in Minecraft.

You can find a saddle or horse armor. These items can be found in chests in dungeons and nether fortresses. These items can also be caught while fishing.

Find a horse. Horses are often found grazing on plains or in savannas.

To tame the horse, feed it. Continue feeding it until its hearts rise above its head.

Mounting an untrained horse is possible, but it can be difficult. You may eventually be able mount it if you do enough practice.

Choose the horse with one hand. You will mount the horse but can't control its movements.

Place a Saddle or Horse Armor on your horse. Open your inventory and drag your Saddle into the appropriate box beside the horse.

Ride your horse. To dismount, press and hold the Sneak button. This button will be different depending on the platform.

PC: Press the Shift keyXbox on the left
To activate the joystick, press the right button
Nintendo: Use the right joystick
Mobile: Tap twice the middle button

Holding down the jump button will cause the blue/green bar below your health to fill up. To jump, release your button before the bar runs out.

What do horses eat in Minecraft?

You can train a horse in Minecraft by feeding them the following items:

- Apples
- Bread
- Golden Apples
- Golden Carrots
- Sugar
- Wheat

Horse breeding in Minecraft

After you have tamed your horses, put a fence around them. Give each horse a Golden Apple and Golden Carrot. If you are lucky, hearts will appear above the heads of your horses and you will soon have a little colt. To make your baby horse grow into an adult, feed it. Wait at least five seconds before you try to breed again.