Minecraft is now Available for Cross-play

Sun Dec 25. 2022

Minecraft is now Available for Cross-play

Microsoft discussed the latest Minecraft update as part of its big E3 show.

The "Better Together Update", which unifies console, mobile, and Windows 10 versions of the game, is called "Better Together".

The update includes improved graphics and cross-platform support that allows Windows 10 and mobile Minecraft users to play the game together.

Minecraft will no longer use any branding that is associated with Minecraft for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch or mobile games. Instead, they will all be called "Minecraft". There is a "Minecraft: Java Edition" version of the original PC game, which is still supported.

The company stated that the unified branding was designed to let buyers know that they all get the same game and that they can play with anyone, regardless of what device they use.

These devices are supported for unified gaming play:

- Windows 10 iOS
- Android
- XBox One
Nintendo Switch

Players who own Minecraft for mobile and VR will receive an update for the summer. Owners of Minecraft for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch will receive a free update, and all existing worlds that gamers created will be available on the new game.

All downloadable content will now be available on all devices with the new update. A pack purchased on mobile will also work on Xbox and Windows 10 editions.

Minecraft has added a server browser as an extra perk to its latest update. The company launched four servers: Lifeboat, Mineplex and InPVP. Cubecraft allows players to join public servers with millions of monthly users.