Technoblade has Died Following Battle with Cancer

Sun Dec 4. 2022

Technoblade has Died Following Battle with Cancer

Technoblade, a Minecraft streamer and content creator, has died after a long battle with stage four cancer. His family released the news today in a video and a public statement.

Techno had previously disclosed that he had been diagnosed as having cancer in August. He has been updating his community periodically about his situation, while continuing to receive treatment and creating content on YouTube.

Techno's father, Techno, narrates a final posthumous message entitled "so long geeks" that was written for the occasion. It was full of the creator's trademark dry humor and dark humor. However, it also serves as a final "thank you" to all those who have supported the Minecraft star throughout the years.

"Thank you for supporting my content throughout the years. Technoblade would be my choice if I had another 100 lives. Techno stated that those were the most joyful years of my life.

"I hope you enjoyed my content and that it made you smile. I hope you all live long, happy, and prosperous lives. I love you guys. Technoblade out

Techno, who reveals himself to be Alex, discusses how the money he earned from merch sales and other "sell-out" pushes in the last year has been used to send his siblings off to college. He also thanks his viewers for allowing him to share such happy moments with them. A slideshow of images that shows him through various stages of his treatment is shown on screen.

His father, who was present for Techno's final message, explains how he originally intended to record and write the video before his death. However, Techno's declining health and other factors prevented him from doing so. His father said that he wrote the message in bed and died around eight hours later.

Technoblade's father said that he was "the most amazing child anyone could ever wish for." Technoblade is my best friend. Thank you to everyone for everything.